Read what our patients have to say about Dra Rosa Elena Pena


Michael Belenky / Los Angeles, CA

I was visiting Cabo and decided to see a dentist. I asked around and was recommended Dr. Rosy Pena. I called Dr. Pena office and was greeted by Eduardo. He was very nice, answered all my questions and even offered a free consultation. I agreed. Eduardo picked me up and took me to meet Dr. Pena. The consultation went fine and I decided she was the right doctor for the job. I needed extractions and a bone graft. My instincts were right. Dr. Pena did a great job and I felt no pain. She is a top notch doctor and I recommend her to all my friends.

Dilsora / USA

After my dentist estimated my dental work around $36 000, with the recommendation of a friend, I went to Loss Cabos to see Dr. Rosy Pena. I went Loss Cabos twice, each time for a week. Dr. Rosy’s son pick me up from the resort for every appointment and brought me back. He is a wonderful person, very nice guy. I can recommend Dr. Rosy Pena to anyone.

She is amazing. I had some pains for two month after I came back from Loss Cabos and questioned if I did the right thing. I guess, because it was winter and very cold when I came back I didn’t keep it warm. But since I have no problems and I even don’t feel like I had few implants and have done so much dental work. Just like my own teeth.

My teeth looks outstanding. I am very happy. I spent half of the money how much my dentist in Edmonton estimated my dental work for everything: all of my dental work and two great holidays in Barcelo for my husband, two boys and myself. If you have to spend too much for your teeth don’t ever hesitate to call Dr. Rosy 🙂

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me, I will give my honest answer as much as I can. I am so glad I met this dentist.

Glen and Pat Morrison / USA

In January and February 2012 we made our first visit to San Jose del Cabo, staying in a condo for 6 weeks.

My husband Glen needed extensive cosmetic dentistry after having a very poor and incomplete job done at home in Victoria, B.C.

We had the very good luck of having a lady who had lived in San Jose for 18 years recommend Dr. Rosa Elena Pena Madero to us.

At our first visit we were greeted by Eduardo, who does a wonderful job of being receptionist. He is professional while being warm and friendly at the same time. We found him very helpful and knowledgeable. We found him quite charming.

Enrique was also a great addition to the staff, as well as Rigo the Hygienist who was very thorough and capable. Antonio was a delight and always had a genuine smile.

Best of all was Dr. Pena herself. She is a fantastic dentist who assessed Glen’s needs very competently . Her explanations were also thorough and complete and she gave us a good explanation of what was needed. After agreeing to pursue the work with her, the appointments were scheduled quickly and we always found them to be right on time. We were amazed at how quickly she accomplished everything that needed to be done. The office was always very clean, and we felt the name “Soft Dental Care” to be very appropriate. Glen’s work was virtually painless.

Antonio told me my husband would be ‘guapo’ when the work had been done, and he was right ! Glen looks the best he has in many years, and is so happy to be able to smile with confidence at last. He is also very pleased with the full array of foods he can eat now that his dental problems have been fixed.

We would highly recommend Dr. Pena for any dental work one might need, and will most certainly be returning to her any time we are in San Jose again.

Congratulations to Dr. Pena and her excellent staff for a job well done !!

Our best regards,

Shirley Martin” profession / New Westminster, BC, Canada

I first went to see Dr. Rosy Pena in January of 2011. I went to see her because friends of mine highly recommended her. I had a tooth that needed to be extracted and I’d wanted an implant put in. Dr. Pena removed the tooth painlessly, inserted the implant and bone implant. I was made a temporary appliance that fit like a glove. I was in and out in one hr. I returned June 2011 for the final crown over the implant, it looked great and a year later the implant is perfect.

This winter, my husband and I both went to see Dr. Pena in January 2012. We both wanted an implant. I needed the exact same procedure as last year. It once again, was completely painless and efficient. My husband was extremely happy with the procedure and very impressed with Dr. Pena’s expertise and efficiency. The office is extremely clean and equipped with the latest technology.

Dr. Pena is one of the very best dentists I have been lucky enough to have. I wouldn’t hesitate to see her for any of our dental requirements or to recommend her to family and friends. All of the staff in the office are extremely caring and friendly, it has been a great pleasure meeting all of them. I am only sorry Dr. Pena is in Mexico and not in Vancouver. Not too tough having to visit the Baja!!

Ken and Sharon / Amelia Kitay, Toronto, Canada

Dear Dr Rosa,

Thank you for giving me my smile back. After a bad experience with a dentist up here in the US, I became too embarrassed to relax and smile for a while and even guarded my mouth while talking. Not good when you work in real estate and have to talk to a lot of people and have them become your clients.

Since calling on you and receiving immediate attention for a consultation, then presented with 3 options of what could be done, along with the total cost for each procedure. You and your staff made me feel comfortable as people I could trust. I felt happy that I’d called in on you.

Now, a few months later I feel really good. Right away after getting back to the Pacific Northwest I was so much more relaxed about meeting people, even smiling and joking with friends and strangers. My teeth are so really natural looking.

Friends I’ve know for a long while ask me: “What’s changed about you? you look younger and happier.” I just smile and tell then it’s due to “friends” in Baja, Mexico.

Your ‘Friends’

Sara Smith

I came to Dr Pena needing full mouth restoration due to bad/evil dental work here in Toronto. Dr Pena is so incredibly skilled and truly talented. I am grateful for the work she did on me. Finally I can eat properly, talk properly, my jaw doesn’t hurt anymore and most wonderful is that I can smile with happiness instead of being embarrassed. All of my teeth now have either crowns or bridges. They are absolutely beautiful and they look and feel natural and I love them.

I greatly appreciated the fact that her lab technician is directly located in her office. It makes complete sense to have that person there working with Dr Pena and give advice on the prosthetics and jaw positionings. The technician has to see the shape of my face and understand my bone structure. I felt so safe and it was like I had a team of experts working on me.

My entire experience with Dr Rosy Pena was wonderful. My boys even had their teeth cleaned and checked .. no cavities 🙂 If I had a lot of money to travel back and forth, Dr Pena would be our family dentist. … but I loved Los Cabos, so I’m sure I will return

Hello my dear Dr. Rosa, Well I am back to work,everyone is saying how beautiful my teeth look.My mouth feels great!!!Thank you for your great and amazing work.In my meditation with the ANGELS,I been asked to let you know that ArchAngel GABRIEL works with you and guides you.Also there are many Guardian Angels with you.

I need to tell you that I did not take one pain pill during the entire week of dental work at your clinic ,I asked the Angels to take my pain and they did.Mother Mary presence is all around your family.Know that you are so loved from heaven.plse give Eduardo a huge hug from me and thank him for his kindness.Also a hello to your husband.

in love and light
ps Joan is doing great as well!


Parker and Suzanne Hedges  / California, USA

Hello Dr. Rosy and Eduardo! Comosta?? Parker and I have been meaning to send this for quite some time and apologize for not sending sooner….

We are so happy with the amazing results from Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic! We felt from the very first consultation we were treated with such caring hearts. Having the procedure done for us was very nerve-racking to think about…as let’s be honest….dentists are not one of the top five favourite people to visit…until….Dr. Rosy and her team came into our lives. We had quite extensive work done on our mouths (which would have costed us a fortune in Canada, and we would not have received half the care and attention this team provides) and the results have been simply life changing. Friends and family cannot beleive the improvement in the changes and we cannot beleive how good we feel personally. We know that we would not have received this type of service anywhere else and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Family and friends will be coming to visit you shortly as well, because they want a rockstar smile too!! We will continue to visit each time we are in San Jose Del Cabo for regular checkups and a big hug!

For anyone considering a dental vacation to the Baja…..there is only one destination…the Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic….Dr. Rosy really does have the touch of an Angel and you will feel her caring spirit and be welcomed by a family so warm you will wonder why are no other dental teams like this?? You have raised the bar Angel’s Touch Dental Clinic and we thank you for eveything!


Bob Dean, California, USA

WOW……..I can’t even remember ever having had someone compliment me on my smile. It can be overwhelming when it happens for the first time. Everything is great, I love what you have done for me. I have always been a strong person with a strong personality but have always hid behind that yellowish/gray dingy smile my whole life. Let’s see, I am not sure where to start to tell your website readers about the undertaking. After doing quite a bit of research and exploring what information I could (20) emails later, with my wife’s backing I decided to take the LEAP OF FAITH and book our dental vacation to Cabo. We arrived in Cabo on Friday mid-day. After mailing back and forth with the clinic.

I decided that the first dental appointment would be on Saturday in case we needed additional time, you never know what might happen. I had never met anyone from the dental practice, so I arrived a bit early to check everything out. We were staying in Cabo by the marina, so I had a thirty-five minute ride each way to and from the dental office–another story for another time, do not take the full insurance package for the auto, it’s not needed. The office is very nice, clean and well kept. I have traveled all over Mexico many times and Dr. Rosie’s office is of American standards for a dental office. The staff is young, very energetic and ready to get to work. I was made to feel very comfortable. As everyone came to work they introduced themselves to me upon entering the office. That Saturday, Dr. Rosie took x-rays, digital pictures and several models of my teeth.

I was in the office for about two hours. When she was finished on Saturday she prepped me for the long undertaking that would begin on Monday at 9am. Monday came close to being the longest day of my life 9am to 6pm in the dentist chair. I was fitted with my temporary teeth that day. I left to return back to the hotel knowing I would wear them for four days until my new crowns would be installed, Friday of that week. Wow, a lot of work in just a short time. I was tired, and I’m sure that Dr. Rosie was tired, she had prepped 17 teeth for crowns. Friday, my appointment was set for later in the day, 4pm to allow for the maximum time for the lab to complete the work needed to be done.

I was fitted with my “NEW SMILE”. What a difference! What I did not know was the teeth were not yet completed and needed to be returned to the lab for polishing. What a bummer, but after seeing what they looked like, I could wait just one more day. So back to the temporary teeth. Saturday, my new smile was installed and what a difference it made. I think I even saw a tear in Dr. Rosie’s eyes as she saw how I felt with my new-found confidence.

She is a wonderful person and a great doctor. All of her family is involved in her business, her beautiful daughter, also named Rosie keeps the back office books. I highly recommend that anyone looking to have dental work done, look into a Mexican dental vacation. I was able to vacation and have my work done with a savings of $20,000 from American dental quotes that I received.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you all, for all that you have done for me.

Eric Larson / USA

Dear Angels Touch: After being bled dry by my local dentists with co-payments, office visit fees and deductibles I was in a desperate position. At $30,000+ for crowns and 12 to 15 thousand for dentures, the only feasible option at that point were the false teeth. “What a shame it would be to have to install dentures at your age.”

Were the dentist‘s words. What began at first to be just musings about seeking dental care in another country led to the discovery of the Angel’s Touch website. What transpired over the next few weeks turned out to be a truly life changing event. Dra. Rosy and staff accomplished in 5 visits what my dentist could not in 8 years. Beyond the restoration of my smile and dental health, I regained confidence and the ability to interact with other people without trying to talk with pursed lips. I no longer have those nagging sinus headaches, and life in general is so much more pleasant.

The bottom line still escapes my comprehension: a full dental restoration and 13 days in Los Cabos for two (which turned out to be a second honeymoon) at roughly the cost of dentures. I am left with a deep gratitude to everyone there, they are exceptionally skilled and very caring. Dra Rosa Pena has me at a loss for words. She works with a surgeon’s precision, but there is an intangible that is immediately noticed.

An “Angel’s Touch” is indeed the only fitting description. I did not think that it was possible, but I startled myself awake with a snore during a root canal. Thanks to everyone at Angel’s Touch for a lifetime of fond memories and a grateful admiration for your work.

Brenda Patton / Washington, USA

My name is Brenda Patton. Early this year (2005) I went to visit my dentist and found that in order to correct my cracking, cavity laden teeth I would have to pay $25,000 to $35,000. After my husband pulled himself off the ceiling from hearing that news, he suggested I look at going to another country to get my work done. One of my husband’s patient lived in San Jose del Cabo and suggested I contact ‘Rosy’, her dentist. Even though I looked around on the internet at other clinics, Rosy seemed to be the best choice.

I went to Cabo for one month, during which time I had one to three visits per week. They did a very good job replacing all my teeth (27 crowns) and giving me a beautiful new smile. The cost was about a third of what I would have paid in the States. Rosy is a wonderful person and has become a great friend! Note: Patient could have had her work done in two short visits to Cabo but chose to have a month long family vacation. Husband and six teenagers also had minor work done while here as well.

Kathleen Coyle / San Leandro, Ca

Dear Doctor Rosy, I am now safely back home after my flight yesterday. I just wanted to thank you again for your excellent service. I am very glad that I found the information on the internet about dental vacations in Cabo before I left home and decided to give it a chance. It is odd to think of it as lucky to chip a tooth and also find out that I needed a crown and possible root canal before leaving on an extended vacation to Mexico.

I have dental insurance here at home but it does not cover cosmetic work (a chipped tooth is only considered a cosmetic repair?) and only offers an small discount on major work (crowns, bridges, etc.) The dentists here are very good but they are expensive and the service seems impersonal due to the large numbers of patients they care for. I was also disappointed with my dental office here at home because I was given an estimate for the work needed and then the quote was changed to a higher figure because the “codes” for the insurance were wrong.

I was lucky though because I had a long vacation to Cabo San Lucas planned and I found your website before leaving home. I was impressed by your prompt replies to my emails requesting information and the prices you quoted me for the work I wanted done. I made arrangements with you for transportation from the airport to the resort and I was met by the taxi you sent to pick me up. My appointment was for the following day and when I met you I felt immediately comfortable. You took your time examining my teeth and took x-rays. I was very happy to find that I did not need a root canal and that you could replace the old silver filling with the new white material and a crown was not needed.

You also repaired the chip on the front tooth at that time. I had the another silver filling replaced on a different molar the following week. I am very glad that I took the opportunity to have the work done with you and I could not be happier with your service. When I return to Cabo next year I hope that I will be able to schedule any necessary work needed with you. Again, thanks so much for everything!