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For the last 28 years, thousands of patients have been at Dr. Peña’s clinic. She is called by them as the touch of an angel. She has the most advanced equipment and her own lab in the office for your convenience. Her professionalism, ethics and expertise really makes the difference among others and makes going to the dentist a wonderful experience. The one and only touch of an angel Dr. Rosy Peña has received plenty of awards during her career.

Cabo’s best dentist award in 2010 and the national award of dentistry in Mexico and others.

Her clinic was named angels touch dental clinic because of her nick name touch of an angel, now it´s Cabo soft dental care located in san Jose del Cabo, she has no other clinics.

She is famous for her work so people look for her only, so don´t get fooled with impostor’s associates of her.

The best award is the recognition from all of her patients and former patients that recommends her all the time people ask for a dentist in the area they refer to her as the best dentist they have ever been even better that the one they have back home USA, Canada and Europe).

Let me introduce you to our Cabos dentist !!! Dr. Rosa Elena Pena, who has the ‘touch of angel’! Thank you for the tremendous job you did with the implants, crowns & routine dental care, etc. that you and your team provided with oral care and solutions to complex dental challenges. We cannot say enough positive things about your pleasant, professional manner and expertise and your exceptional dental support team ! To all of our friends, family and business acquaintances who might be a bit afraid of dental work, Dr. Rosa Pena will put you at ease. No fear folks! You will ask yourself why you waited so long. See you next year Rosa and team!!

Katie Kortekaas

In short form, 100% satisfied, and, yes I would return or recommend her services.

The whole process was professional, painless, and ended with a satisfied patient. I can not speak to long range results, as this just happened over the last two weeks, but I anticipate no issues at all and look forward to seeing my “amigos” at Rosy’s office next year for a follow up. Also of great importance, I saved about 50% of the cost projected at home for the same service!

I hope this may help you with any decision you may be contemplating.

Gary Stroh

Dr. Pena did a great job and I felt no pain. She is a top notch doctor and I recommend her to all my friends.

I would like to thank Rosa Elena Pena Madero and all the talented staff at Soft Dental Care for the wonderful work that I had done there yesterday. I can not explain the feeling of gratitude and overwhelming joy I have for all of your service. thank you so much. David Person

She is amazing. I had some pains for two month after I came back from Loss Cabos and questioned if I did the right thing. I guess, because it was winter and very cold when I came back I didn’t keep it warm. But since I have no problems and I even don’t feel like I had few implants and have done so much dental work. Just like my own teeth.


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Cabo Soft Dental Care

Blvr. Mijares 1092 Condominio Cactus Local 7 Col. Campo de Golf, C.P. 23400 San Jose del Cabo Los Cabos, Mexico

Phones: +52 (624) 142 61 92 & (624) 142 24 59